Benefits for Knee and Joint Pain in Veterans

Knee pain from your time serving in our military is extremely common. The work you did during your service was physically grueling and the impacts on your body, intense.

If you can link your knee and joint pain to your service, then you likely deserve to receive benefits from the VA. We can help you determine what benefits you should apply for, and how to go about it.

Whether you’re just looking into the benefits you earned during your service, or you’re filing a claim to appeal a denial, we can assist you through the process. Reach out today: 888-2-VETLAW.

Knee and Joint Pain Benefits for Veterans

Connecting Knee and Joint Pain to your Service

There are several ways a veteran might be able to connect their knee or joint pain to their time in the service including any of the following:

A Direct Service Connection

Establishing a direct connection to your service requires the following:

  • An event during your service, like an injury or illness
  • A current and diagnosed knee condition
  • A medical condition directly related to something that happened while you were in the service

As an example; you were in a pickup game while serving on active duty and you fell and hit your knee. Following your service your knee is painful and you require physical therapy or even a joint replacement. Since your injury occurred during your service, there are benefits available to help you cover these costs.

As a veteran, you earned the benefits and coverage during your service to our country. You should take advantage of them and ensure your health and your future.

Denied Benefits from the VA?

Did the VA deny you the benefits you are entitled to? If so you must file your appeal as quickly as possible. There is a limited time to submit the required evidence and the VA is strict timelines and requirements they adhere to.

Are you one of the thousands of Veteran’s Claims that have been denied by the VA? Have you received a decision that is lower than you expected? As a Veteran who has served your country, YOU should receive Disability Benefits.

If you were injured and haven’t received the VA benefits you deserve, please call Chad Barr Law today at (407) 599-9036 and discuss your case with an experienced Orlando Veterans Benefits Attorney, or fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation.

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